CTL Committee Members

  • Committee Chair: Hattie L. Pinckney, Director of Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Suresh Tiwari
  • Marc David
  • Lisa Ard
  • Brantlee Haire
  • Marjory Hall
  • Stephen Murphey
  • John Pritchett
  • Derk Riechers
  • Chris Thomas

Roles and Responsibilities

Committee Members

Each member of the committee is responsible for:

  • Attending scheduled meetings
  • Encouraging and campaigning for the activities of the Center for Teaching and Learning to faculty members (adjunct and full time) in their divisions/representative groups
  • Completing all required tasks in a timely fashion
  • Remaining open to all ideas
  • Committee Chair

In addition to the general committee member responsibilities outlined above, the committee chair is also responsible for the following:

  • Scheduling committee meetings
  • Creating and distributing meeting agendas
  • Acting as communication liaison between CTL and other college committees

Criteria for CTL Committee members:

  • All members remain committed to the goals, responsibilities, and guiding principles of the committee
  • In the case of a resignation of a member, a special meeting will be called in an effort to replace the resigning member