Committee Charge

The CTL Committee (CTL) has been created to establish dialogue among committee members that will serve to promote an environment of teaching excellence among all faculty members at Florence-Darlington Technical College. The goals of the committee will include the following:

  • To promote an environment at Florence-Darlington Technical College in which excellent teaching and learning are studied and encouraged among all faculty members (adjunct and full time)
  • To provide opportunities for faculty dialogue
  • To foster, encourage, and maintain positive learning environments
  • To encourage and support innovation in teaching
  • To promote scholarship of teaching and learning
  • To promote approaches to teaching based on evidence
  • To provide faculty development activities that focus on the individual faculty member as an instructor, professional scholar, and as a person. Faculty development will provide learning opportunities for new faculty members and continued growth of experienced faculty

Guiding Principles

As a committee of professionals who represent various teaching disciplines, the CTL Committee values the perspectives and opinions of all its members and is committed to the following principles:

  • Fully listening to one another without becoming judgmental
  • Respecting and supporting the work of the committee
  • Creating a positive environment for discussion and disagreement
  • Respecting opposing positions
  • Encouraging and maintaining trust
  • Maintaining confidentiality